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  • Bacówka

    We prepare all our products based on old, tested recipes. Our cold meats owe their exquisite taste and aroma to carefully selected meat cured with the addition of an original blend of spices and smoked over the beech, alder or juniper wood. For the last few years we have been developing the production of high quality GLUTEN-FREE products and a line No PRESERVATIVES. In our pantry you can also find excellent preserves and dairy products which come from small family-run farms.

  • BioFood

    Żywnośc Ekologiczna BIO FOOD Sp. z o.o. company from the very beginning of its foundation that is since 1994 deals exclusively with organic fruit and vegetables processing.

    The processing plant is focused on production of high quality organic juice of lactofermented vegetables, fruit, as well as jams and vegetable processed products. 

  • Biolaven organic

    BIOLAVEN is a new brand of Polish natural cosmetics manufactured by SYLVECO. In addition to lavender oil, the base ingredient is a nutritional grape seed oil with regenerating and anti-wrinkle properties.

    Who is the BIOLAVEN brand created for?
    For anyone who puts on natural, safe cosmetics, but by the occasion have very nice smells. BIOLAVEN products are an alternative to
    Cosmetic cosmetics, due to high quality, eye-catching visual setting, friendly skin compositions and attractive price.

  • BioLife

    BioLife was founded in 2013. The founders of the company are people with experience in both trade and agricultural production. The interest in a broadly understood healthy lifestyle was one of the most important factors leading to the creation of BioLife. Employees of the company choose the suppliers of raw materials and agricultural producers with the utmost care so that the products offered by BioLife meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

  • Dary Natury

    Dary Natury is a company active in the herbal and health food industry. It is located in the southern part of the Podlaskie Voivodship, in the district of Siemiatycze, in a small, hidden village Koryciny in the forest.

    It is precisely from the raw materials collected in this unique area that we produce our products. In addition to raw materials harvested from the natural state, we also use crop yields from organic farms. Fruits collected in organic farms and those harvested from the natural state form our products.


  • EkaMedica

    EkaMedica was founded in 2001. We manufacture and distribute natural supplements: dietary supplements in the form of juices, tablets, foodstuffs for special nutritional purposes and cosmetics. Knowledge and experience have allowed us to create the brand EkaMedica - Naturally Means Healthy.

    All EkaMedica products are manufactured to the strictest standards, with no added preservatives and preservatives for diabetics. With our unique production processes and superior quality, our products have gained the trust of customers who want to restore their balance.

  • Herbapol

    In line with the slogan "Herbapol - You have it in nature" we believe that man is part of nature, and nature is part of man. That is why our products allow you to live in harmony with nature, to enjoy its most precious possessions, to share with others.

    We believe that only together we can create and care for the nature around us and the nature of our future generations.

  • MTS

    Company Grupa MTS has been active in the food industry, natural cosmetics and dietary supplements for several years.

  • MyVita

    MyVita® produces and distributes healthy food and natural dietary supplements. Our healthy food is the basis for those who want to improve and maintain the good condition of the whole body. This is a great way to improve your well-being and to diversify your diet.

    The motto of our brand "healthy and natural" is addressed to all, whose priority is a healthy and natural way of life. The ingredients of the products available in our offer are designed to deliver the right substances in perfectly balanced proportions. They supplement the daily diet with vitamins and minerals necessary for health and proper functioning. Thanks to that we can neutralize the symptoms of unfavorable changes taking place with the age, using the extraordinary properties of herbs and plants from all over the world.

Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items